What is a password manager, and why do you need one?

If you use a web browser, you have probably been prompted to store your password after entering it for something like logging into your email or bank account. Maybe you don’t trust your browser to securely store that password, which you shouldn’t, so you either make all your passwords the same or keep them written down and stored in an easy to access place. All of these options are a bad idea and leave you open to others accessing your information.

A password manager is a tool/service that will generate, retrieve, and keep track of super-long, crazy-arbitrary passwords across limitless accounts for you, while also securing all your crucial online info—not only passwords but PINs, credit-card numbers and their three-digit CVV codes, answers to security questions, and more—with encryption so strong that it would most likely take a hacker between decades and forever to break.

A password manager that helps create unique passwords for all your accounts and stores them in an encrypted vault that can be synchronized across all your devices is a good idea. Security experts recommend creating unique, hard to guess passwords for every account. While storing them on paper in your home may keep electronic villains from  discovering them, a large number of identity thefts are by people known to the victim.

A good password manager like Lastpass can read all the passwords already stored in your browser, store and remove them, then make recommendations on changing weak passwords. Most of these services have have free options that are good enough for most people, but they also offer premium options that make life in a digital world even better.

My choice for a password manger is Lastpass. Lastpass’ free model is perfect for me, and may be for you, too. If you sign up through this link, you can try their premium version free for one month. You can also contact me for more information or to help set up a password manager if you aren’t comfortable getting started your self.

After using a password manager for a few months, I can say I’m not sure how I would get by without one. It is super easy to login into all my different accounts across all the devices I use. I can even designate an emergency user for my accounts if anything ever happens to me.

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